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The South Korean automobile company, Hyundai Motor Co, has announced that it will be offering at least two different versions of its new Ioniq hybrid for U.S. customers.  A senior Hyundai executive explained that Hyundai will offer a standard one and an eco-one that is geared more toward the absolute maximum fuel efficiency.
The electric version of the car allows the driver to adjust the level of regenerative braking and comes with an “eco-routing” navigation system.  Lee Ki-Sang, senior vice president for Hyundai Motor Group’s Eco Technology Center, explained that Hyundai wants to have the Ioniq beat the Toyota Prius in combined fuel economy when the car is certified by the EPA in the late summer or early fall.
In turn, that means it would need to top the 52mpg combined for the standard and the 56mpg combined for the eco-model.  Lee went on to explain.
“Our target is a little more than our competitor,” the Prius, Lee said. Beating the Prius “has really big meaning to me.”
The Ioniq features a one-motor, one-clutch setup.  What makes the Ioniq so special is its ability to deliver such excellent highway fuel economy.  The Ioniq is able to deliver the world’s BEST fuel economy of any hybrid on the market.
South Korea has already seen the Ioniq in action.  It went on sale in January and offers three electrified drivetrains in one body type.  There’s a traditional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and an all-electric variant. 
U.S. customers, the Ioniq is coming.  The all-electric version is believed to be in the U.S. sometime this year, after the standard hybrid is already settled in.
Electric vehicles as a whole are known for their low-end torque.  With that said, the Ioniq still remains a peppy hatchback.  It sports solid handling and sporty acceleration. 
There are a number of very cool features to the Ioniq.  First, this electric vehicle is coming with paddle shifters.  While this vehicle has no transmission, the paddle shifters will serve to adjust the resistance of the regenerative braking.  Select a firm grip for high friction and a quick slowdown while coasting to maximize the recharging of the car’s lithium polymer battery. Choose a looser feel for less friction and better efficiency on the highway.
Second, the Ioniq Electric is promised by Kim Choong, an engineer working on the car’s range and energy use, to achieve a fully charged range of 110 miles in the United States.
Finally, this electric vehicle is coming with Hyundai’s “eco-routing”.  This new technology developed by Hyundai is for the vehicle’s navigation system.  It will automatically choose the most energy-efficient course for the destination you opt for.  It will factor in variables like hills, turns traffic signals, traffic and speed limits to preserve battery life and fight range anxiety.
The automobile is evolving each and every day.  Advancements in technology to make life easier, greener and more efficient are constantly being researched and developed.  If you would like more information about any of the variations of the Hyundai Ioniq, the fine folks at Universal Hyundai can help.
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